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7 mobility exercises to improve quarantine posture

Has quarantine life left you tight and tense? Working from home and sitting more can lead to complaints of neck tension, low back stiffness, and …

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Don’t hold your breath when you squat

We are all aware of the awkwardly cute closed mouth smiley face a baby makes when he messes in his diaper. Have you ever thought …

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3 exercises for a stronger run

In my earlier years, cardio was my main form of exercise and stress relief. I entered races to keep my motivation to run; competing in …

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Safe home exercises for diastasis recti

This full article was originally written by Melanie Connell and featured on   Diastasis Recti is an increased abdominal separation in the midline of …

Persistent pain

Tips to problem solve your persistent shoulder pain

  The Connected Shoulder The shoulder can be a complex area to treat because of its diverse connections and range of motion. In 2019 all …

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How to prevent leaking when you jump

Do you pee when you jump or run? How about when you sneeze or cough? Leakage is something females deal with (in fact 1 in …

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Finding freedom from back pain: part 2

Individuals with chronic low back pain have greater difficulty in engaging in positive lifestyle behaviours than those without back pain. -Andrew M. Briggs   Welcome …

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7 Strategies to find freedom from back pain

Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain. -Robert Gary Lee   Do Not Fear Back pain is so common yet so debilitating. In fact, it …

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The pelvic floor connection: breathing is better than kegels

Proper breathing turns isolated exercise into dynamic movement. Melanie Connell PT Everything is Connected Are you trying to remember to do your kegels but left …

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5 tips for proper sitting posture

Posture starts in the pelvis -Melanie Connell PT , MPT   Align Have you tried to sit up straight by raising your chest, and throwing …