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Melanie Connell PT, MPT, MTC, CHC

My name is Melanie Connell. I’ve been a licensed Physical Therapist for 20 years with certifications in Manual Therapy and Nutritional Health Coaching. After 18 years in practice, I set out to start my own clinic in Costa Mesa, CA.

I launched my clinic with a very clear mission: to provide a remedy for athletes sidelined by persistent pain and injuries.  My own health journey of infertility, hormonal issues, hypothyroid, and migraines led me to search for holistic practitioners that:

If there is one thing I preach to all my patients, it is that “Everything is Connected.” 

Melanie Connell PT

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My Story

I am Melanie Connell, Physical Therapist, Manual Therapist, and Certified Health Coach. I am a believer in Jesus, a wife, mother of two boys, an introvert, helper, encourager, educator, messy cook, and I am not afraid to try new things. I love to read, exercise, learn, teach, and explore. I am passionate about helping others connect to their body.

What makes me angry is when I see people overlooked, neglected and mistreated, especially by their health care providers.

At 31, after I had my second son, I started having health issues. It started with bright flashes of light in my eyes, along with very frequent migraines, so I went to the eye doctor who told me I needed glasses and wrote a prescription.

After he walked out of the room, his assistant, a kind, older gentleman, took me aside and explained that I had dry eye and there was no need to fill the prescription for eyeglasses. He told me he was an assistant only in America because his professional medical license as an eye doctor in India wasn’t recognized in the U.S. He was correct — 10 years later I still don’t wear glasses. In fact, my dry eye is now cured too, but I will get to that later.

This has always been how I want to treat people, the same way I want to be treated: fairly, ethically, respectfully, and honestly, and taking the time to dive into the root cause of the health concerns of others.

After that appointment, I continued to have more health problems, besides the migraines and dry eyes. Hypoglycemia, profuse sweating and body odor, extreme exhaustion, anxiety, restless sleep, moodiness, stomach pains, brain fog, dry skin, and an irregular menstrual cycle. I had two babies in a span of 19 months, so I thought maybe this was my new normal, but a blood test soon revealed I had a diagnosis of hypothyroid and chronic fatigue.

The doctor prescribed Synthroid and told me hypothyroid was not a disease, but a syndrome and by taking medication all my problems would be solved. However, after beginning this medication I experienced heart palpitations, the notion of feeling stuck in my body, anxiety, and a miscarriage.

Thankfully, my story does not end there. Healing is not done in isolation; it takes a community.

Dr. Mark Hyman wrote, “The power of community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic, or hospital.” There have been several key players along the way who have helped me along my journey of health: Functional Medicine Doctors, Naturopaths, authors, and friends.

My healing journey began with learning proper nutrition. It continued to evolve with understanding proper movement, sleep, breathing, mindset, and stress relief. This path has changed my and my family’s life. When I look back now, it is amazing to compare how good I feel now with how dire my circumstances felt then. Now I see how my own difficulties have allowed me to learn and grow to be able to offer help and hope for others.

For the last 20 years, I have worked with people to rid their pain from head to toe. Pain is the most common reason people visit a doctor’s office. Unfortunately, doctors often prescribe medications that end up alleviating pain only temporarily, if at all. Not to mention the potential side effects that come with taking drugs.

As a Physical Therapist, my focus is more on function than pain. For example, the complaint may be, “I can’t raise my arm over my head because my shoulder hurts.” The patient’s primary focus is their pain, but a good PT focuses on the shoulder function (or dysfunction) and mechanical limitation that makes them unable to raise their arm over their head.

A great PT listens to the whole story, asks a lot of questions, and partners with you to provide and effective solution.  I have learned over the years that people want to connect to their body and what they need is the connection to their story and their sense of self. 

As a physical therapist, I will listen to your story and work to find the driver of your complaints. This driver is typically not the same location as your symptoms. With pain, the issue isn't always in the tissue.

I started my cash-based physical therapy practice because I saw a problem with the traditional model. People with persistent pain and injury are both rushed and shushed. This is what I set out to change.

I understand that you feel unheard and disconnected and that you need someone to listen and to help connect all the dots for you. I understand that you may fear you will never exercise like you did before. You. may even feel like your body is broken. This is where it becomes even more critical to not do just physical therapy but to educate and empower you in how your sleep, breath, movement, nutrition, mindset, and stress all correlate into what you are feeling and how your body is functioning.

This is My Mission

 I don’t struggle anymore with continual migraines, dry eye, irregular menstrual cycles, hypoglycemia, dry skin, exhaustion, anxiety, restless sleep, brain fog, moodiness, stomach pains, body odor, or profuse sweating. I also take less thyroid medication now than I ever have (and it’s not Synthroid). This took work — not 7 minutes or 7 days worth of work — but blood, sweat, and tears work.

When we hear someone’s story, we often assume healing happened overnight. I prayed for healing. God decided first to give me help, patience, wisdom, and knowledge through the struggle. I prayed for a cure for my condition, but God answered by bringing me change. If he hadn’t changed me, I wouldn’t be here today, passionate about health and wellness, aware of my story and who I am, confident in a God who hears. Stories that take you from tragedy to triumph are best sellers, but when it’s our story, we forget we often have to go through the tragedy first before the triumph.

Your story matters!

At Remedy, I take the time to listen and partner with you to problem solve the root cause of your functional limitations and provide the utmost quality care. I combine Manual Therapy with the main pillars of health: breath, nutrition, movement, sleep, and mindset to guide you on the whole path to restoration.

Never give up hope!

There’s always a remedy,
Melanie Connell PT, MPT, MTC, CHC