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You are welcome here

What is the difference? 

You are welcome here when:

You feel have “fallen through the cracks” with therapy 

You feel dismissed or neglected by your health professionals 

You feel like your therapy sessions don’t match your performance demands

You are ready for a more forward fitness approach 

You are ready for a person-centered approach 

Physical therapy has not worked for you before

You are ready for someone to connect the dots for you

You have not been able to return to sport due to a persistent injury

You want a professional to collaborate with you to help you return to what you love. 

I have developed a unique skillset through the years and combine my knowledge of pelvic health, orthopedic and sports rehab into a collaborative, fun, challenging, patient-centered approach to treatment. 

My most common demographic are people who have been sidelined by pain and injury and desire to return to meaningful activity or a sport. 

Pain is stressful and oftentimes hope is lost in the journey. It is my joy to help you recover that hope. 

Remedy PT’s holistic view sets us apart from the other clinics in that we implement more than just exercise. Sleep, nutrition, and stress are pillars of health that affect pain and performance. We will work together for a healthier you. 

The foundation is a Biopsychosocial model of care with you at the center. If you are ready to experience the difference where a therapist works with you and not on you, book now!

– Melanie

“Melanie is highly trained, knowledgeable, creative, and compassionate. She actually hears what you have to stay and partners with you to rebuild. I saw immiediate in session improvement. In 2 months I’ve made more progress than 5 years of traditional PT.”

(Michele C.)

Remedy PT is a concierge clinic where you get a full hour with the Physical Therapist. 

In order to best serve you in a professional and personalized manner, we are not in in contract with Insurance, but provide superbills at your request. 

Your visit amount is decided on an individual basis due to your own concerns, symptoms, health history, and goals. There is no cookie cutter, protocols, or prescriptive exercise, but only the right solutions to meet your needs.