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You have recently discovered you have Diastasis Recti and are left wondering if it is safe to exercise.

The main concerns I hear from clients are:

  1. Want to return to exercise but not sure if they are safe to move as they used to.
  2. Concern over using their core in ways that may make the diastasis worse.
  3. Wanting the right guidance to progress in exercise.
  4. Desire to look and feel better again.

It is important to know the issues and symptoms involved with Diastasis Recti are as unique as the individual who has them.

There is no evidence that supports certain exercises cause Diastasis or make Diastasis worse.

Core exercises are valuable for you at any point in your Diastasis journey. See my video on safe diastasis exercises. 


My free guide will help you:

  • Write down your goals.
  • Identify your beliefs about your body, exercise and your own capability.
  • Decide how much support you need.
  • Understand that all exercise is safe.
  • Give ideas for exercise programming.
"I’m not as weak as I thought and I don’t have to go thru crazy contortions to make my stomach muscles work! Thank you for that"
- Maria
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I have been dealing with back pain and diastasis recti that I never dealt with after having my kids. After my first meeting with Melanie I could already feel ab muscles engaging that I hadn’t been able to in years! I live in NorCal so we have been meeting over the internet, but every meeting we have is informative and I get stronger each time. The gap in my abs is closing and just about gone and my core feels like it’s supporting me now. Before I would get injured so easily because my back muscles were taking the brunt of everything. Working out now feels so much better and my random back pain is no more. I am so grateful for Melanie and her extensive knowledge about not only the body but diet and healthy living in general.

- Georgia R., Online Client

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I highly recommend Melanie! After 4 babies I ended up with Diastasis, which caused me a lot of lower back pain and made me look like I was forever 4 months pregnant! Melanie gave me the confidence to continue working out by providing safe ab exercises to strength my core. But she did more than just that — she helped me with overall body movement. Love her whole body approach.

- Yesenia M.

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The Next Right Steps

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1. Do Not Fear

The next right step can’t be riddled with fear. You need to be able to confront the condition in order to recover. The other day on Instagram, I saw a big X over several exercises as a list of what to avoid with Diastasis Recti. This kind of talk leads to fear avoidance. 

Avoiding exercises out of fear never leads to meeting your goals. 

My goal as a PT is  to empower you in your journey of health whole living. 

Head here to watch my video on 3 Myths about Diastasis Recti. 

Head here to learn to manage your doming

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2. A strong core is possible with Diastasis

The core is like a canister with a top, bottom, and sides that wrap around. It isn’t just a group of muscles in the front to make you do a crunch. 

The core consists of the pelvic floor muscle group, abdominal muscles in the front, lumbar muscles in the back, and the diaphragm. All work together to control pressure, provide  movement, create strength, support, stabilize, and control the body as it moves or lifts etc.

Having a core that functions well under load because the entire system is integrated and efficient is the goal.

"I had avoided core exercises for 2 years due to my Diastasis. Now, I have been doing all the exercises. Hoping to get stronger and be able to do more. Thank you so much for your help and guidance."

Diastasis Recti

Work with Remedy PT for a fully integrated plan to help you meet your goals.

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Exercise: what kind and how much

The amount of exercises you can do with your Diastasis Recti is dependent on what you want to do rather than what you can’t do.  

Some of my clients want to participate in a home fitness program, some want to run, and some want to lift heavy weights. All can be beneficial for Diastasis and for you as a whole. 

Learning to train the body in all positions and movements is extremely important as this makes for a stronger, more integrated system.

Download the free guide to get started! 

Free Guide

My free guide will help you:

  • Write down your goals.
  • Identify your beliefs about your body, exercise and your own capability.
  • Decide how much support you need.
  • Understand that all exercise is safe.
  •  Give ideas for exercise programming.

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