What to Expect

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What to Expect

My expectation is that your experience with Remedy PT will be different than your past experiences with other healthcare practitioners. Here’s what you can expect with Remedy PT.

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You can expect to be listened to.

One thing that sets me apart in my practice — and is at the very core of my success — is that I listen.

I understand that you need to feel heard. I listen to all the parts of your story that doctors and other medical practitioners have deemed irrelevant. I listen, knowing that sometimes even small, seemingly insignificant details can be extremely important. I ask questions, and then I listen more.

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You can expect a thorough evaluation.

Your first visit will be comprehensive and thorough. In addition to a physical evaluation, this time is meant for me to learn about you. What brought you here? What pain, dysfunction, discomfort, tension, tightness, or weakness are you experiencing? What triggers your pain? What lessens or relieves it? What have you tried up to now? What activities would you like to enjoy again?

Most patients come to me because they haven’t gotten the help they need elsewhere. My goal is to understand not just the what, but the why. That’s how we connect the dots and get to the root of your issue once and for all.

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You can expect 60 minutes of my undivided attention.

Unfortunately, the medical model is “high volume”. Most medical offices, including PT clinics, allow practitioners minimal time with their patients. I’ve seen many PTs experience disappointment and burnout over the years, because that just isn’t what they signed up for.

Truthfully, it’s one of the reasons I opened my own practice — and the main reason I’m able to actually help my patients. I can take my time with them, listen, and then take some time to process and really think through what they’ve told me.

So rather than spending 20 minutes with me and then being shuffled off to an aide for some exercises, you’ll have my undivided attention for an hour every session.

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You can expect connection.

My practice can be summed up in two words: Connection and Hope.

Connection includes:

  • Connecting the dots to uncover the root cause of your pain or dysfunction
  • Your connection to your body – which will improve through education and movement
  • The connection between your breath, stress, sleep, movement, nutrition, and mindset

My goal is to help you connect the dots. To take all the little pieces of your history, lifestyle, health, and movement, and piece them together to get to the root of your pain, discomfort, tension, tightness, or weakness — and from there, provide lasting, effective solutions so you can get your life back.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a patient say, “No one’s ever told me that before.” Why is that?

  • Not enough time with patients
  • Not listening to patient’s full story
  • Not thinking holistically or “outside the box”
  • Simply following protocol: nothing more and nothing less

I love connecting with my patients and seeing those “light bulb” moments where their awareness and understanding of themselves deepens.

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You can expect to have hope!

Here are some of the benefits I’m confident you can look forward to:

  • A deeper CONNECTION with your body
  • FREEDOM. Freedom of movement, freedom from pain, freedom from the burden, stress, and fear of an unresolved issue
  • EMPOWERMENT, from your newfound knowledge and connection

And lastly, HOPE.

Many patients come to me after months or even years of unsuccessful attempts at resolution with other practitioners. They’re frustrated with the medical community and are on the brink of losing hope that they can ever resume activities they used to do or feel the way they used to feel. They’re at a point where they feel they have to accept life as it is now, that this is their “new normal”.

My message to you: This is NOT your new normal. There is hope!

My two best days with you are 1) the day you come to me, because I’m able to offer hope and get you on track to healing and freedom; and 2) the day you don’t need me anymore, because that means I’ve done my job. 🙂