Gluteal Tendinopathy – when stretching won’t help.

Lateral hip pain that won’t go away no matter how much you stretch?

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Gluteal tendinopathy is the primary source of lateral hip pain affecting up to 23.5% of middle-aged women, particularly postmenopausal. 

Some doctors might call it greater trochanteric pain syndrome or trochanteric bursitis

People complain of moderate to severe pain that interferes with sleep, movement and function.

Gluteal Tendinopathy can show up as pain with walking, single leg standing, stairs, sleeping on your side, standing from a chair, and after prolonged sitting. It can present on the side of your hip and down the lateral thigh.

Stiffness in your hip can be present but is generally not the main complaint. Many times people will stretch in a pigeon pose for some relief but it doesn’t last. The good news is stretching isn’t the only option.

Research shows specific education and progressive loaded exercise are more effective than steroid injections at both 8 weeks and 1 year follow up.

To calm down pain, reduce exposure to positions that compress the tendon such as any position where the knee crosses midline. For example don’t cross your legs in sitting, don’t do a piriformis stretch,  and opt to use a pillow between knees in side lying with the painful side on top.

To begin exercise that progress load for your hip check out this video. Painful side is the bottom leg in this video.

Start with 5-10 second holds and increase to 30 seconds.


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