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Have you returned to running after injury and found yourself frustrated with how it’s going? 

Did your rehab take you to a certain point of your physical performance, then leave you on your own to figure out the rest? 

Remedy 4 Runners is dedicated to all the runners I have worked with over the years. My mission with the Remedy PT clinic has been to fill in the gaps and connect the dots for my patients. This includes helping them 1) understand how everything is connected and 2) grasp the lifestyle factors that are involved in both rehab and performance.

My intention for you is the same!

Remedy 4 Runners will help you bridge the gap between rehab and performance.

On this page you will find education on all things to improve running performance. Think of it as the extra sauce to help you get your next PR.

Download any video below and you will get access to 5 free videos with topics on breathing, balance, and stress!

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… I had been struggling with hip pain from running for years, to a point that I had completely lost the motivation to run anymore. Even after my initial first few sessions, I was moving with less pain and more flexibility. She has even been helping train my motivation back into it too 🙂 I would highly recommend Remedy to anyone looking for a personalized therapy, from someone who truly cares.

- Lucy N.

How to breathe better during a run.

Performance is the combination of training and recovery.

When training for a competition or even after rehab, one can get injured by training too much too soon. You need to know how to scale. Scaling your performance must be a balance of training and recovery. You can’t focus solely on variables like speed, agility, strength, and power without also addressing sleep, food, hydration, and mindset.

One of the variables that affects both training and recovery is breathing.

Breathing is a powerful performance tool. 

The two necessary fuels for muscle efficiency are glucose and oxygen. It’s not as simple as breathing in more oxygen to help the muscles perform well.  What typically doesn’t get explained in this process is the body’s necessary use of Carbon Dioxide (Co2). When you run, your heart rate and breathing quicken as a normal response to the body moving faster. Controlling your breath is the secret to running performance. Download two free videos to learn better breathing techniques for runners. Plus a bonus video on Stress and Exercise. 

Test your Co2 Tolerance by clicking the “Access Video” link! 

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I have been dealing with back pain and diastasis recti that I never dealt with after having my kids. After my first meeting with Melanie I could already feel ab muscles engaging that I hadn’t been able to in years! I live in NorCal so we have been meeting over the internet, but every meeting we have is informative and I get stronger each time. The gap in my abs is closing and just about gone and my core feels like it’s supporting me now. Before I would get injured so easily because my back muscles were taking the brunt of everything. Working out now feels so much better and my random back pain is no more. I am so grateful for Melanie and her extensive knowledge about not only the body but diet and healthy living in general.

- Georgia R., Online Client