Diastasis – Stop log rolling!

Stop Log Rolling!

Your Rectus abdominis muscles aren’t injured but they may be weak.

Strengthening them will NOT make DRA worse.

If you have been told not to use your rectus, let me tell you that we know better now.

For instance, research has shown that activating the “deep core” and Tr Ab  muscles actually pulls the tissue away from midline not toward. (video) Scroll down for links to this research.

Instead, let’s explore using your core in a variety of ways. Yes, this can include sit ups and crunches.



People are told to log roll which ultimately leads to fear avoidance. I have seen women log roll on the floor for years after their DRA. It’s not necessary!

Log rolling isn’t bad but often it becomes the only way people get up out of the fear of making the DRA worse.

But what if log rolling just makes you weaker ?

A plethora of recent research has shown that exercising after pregnancy is associated with decreased DRA width and symptoms. 

Timing of this post baby varies on one’s strength and coordination and pressure management .

Worried about coning in your abdomen. Check out this video!

For in depth assistance head here  Remedypt.com/diastasis-empowered/



Research on deep core exercises  increasing inter recti distance




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