7 mobility exercises to improve quarantine posture

Has quarantine life left you tight and tense?

Working from home and sitting more can lead to complaints of neck tension, low back stiffness, and hip flexor tightness.  Sitting for long periods in less than ergonomically ideal positions will find you searching for the right exercises to combat your stiff posture. To help us all,  I am sharing my favorite mobility exercises to remedy your quarantine posture. 

In this download you will get 7 dynamic mobility exercises for a healthy spine. This free form will help with tension in your neck, low back, hips, and even your ankles. Try these quick and simple exercises in the morning, on lunch break, or after you close the lap top for the final time.

Movement is powerful for the health of your brain and body. So get moving and improve your quarantine posture now! For more specific tips on improving your sitting posture, check out this article.

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7 Mobility Exercises PDF

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