How to nagging muscle tension at work

The creeping, nagging muscle tension that occurs while sitting at the computer affects us all. So we change our posture, change from sitting to standing, add lumbar supports,  try foam rolls, and use postural support contraptions. Sometimes these tools help but often it doesn’t. What else is there? This video offers a different perspective in […]

Finding freedom from back pain: part 2

woman leaping

Individuals with chronic low back pain have greater difficulty in engaging in positive lifestyle behaviours than those without back pain. -Andrew M. Briggs   Welcome to part 2 of finding freedom from back pain. In my previous article, I described 7 strategies which included pain education and lifestyle factors. Lifestyle factors are equally as important […]

7 Strategies to find freedom from back pain

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Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain. -Robert Gary Lee   Do Not Fear Back pain is so common yet so debilitating. In fact, it is one of the top reasons for people to seek out physical therapy. Sadly, there has been a 423% increase in expenditures for opioids for back pain. When you are […]

The pelvic floor connection: breathing is better than kegels

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Proper breathing turns isolated exercise into dynamic movement. Melanie Connell PT Everything is Connected Are you trying to remember to do your kegels but left wondering if it is even accomplishing anything? You aren’t alone. There is no one size fits all exercise! In the case of pelvic floor dysfunction, the issue may lie somewhere […]

5 tips for proper sitting posture

Posture starts in the pelvis -Melanie Connell PT , MPT   Align Have you tried to sit up straight by raising your chest, and throwing your shoulders back? Maintaining this posture is very fatiguing.  If you experience continual back or neck pain when sitting, then adjust your base of support first. Your base of support […]

Why physical therapy didn’t help you before

We have to move from the concept of “management of disease” to that of “health promotion”. Journal of Visualized Surgery Rehabilitation vs. Recovery Did you go to PT, but it didn’t help? Did you have surgery and not fully recover? It’s not that uncommon. My patients often have a history of various surgeries and have […]