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The Remedy PT
Online Core Connection Program

Breathe. Move. Live.

Welcome to the Core Connection Program!

This program was born out of years of listening to your questions about how to get a stronger core, how to find relief from nagging lower back or neck pain, how to exercise without injury, how to improve posture, and what exercises are best for your specific condition.

The approach to this program is simple:

  • Breathe to Connect
  • Train in proper movement patterns
  • Load the core efficiently
  • Learn to move and live with confidence

Breathe + Move + Live

It has been a privilege to offer insight, help, instruction, relief, and a remedy to women who aren’t local to my clinic. If you are feeling stuck and want to learn how to connect to your body again, contact me today.

What is it? Six video calls tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Who is it for? Women who need stronger core/ hips/ glutes as well as mobility in low back, hips, and pelvis.

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Before starting to work with Melanie, I had been struggling with nagging lower back pain. I’ve had 4 sessions with her so far and have not had any pain in quite a while now. I’ve really loved working with Melanie and love her holistic approach and desire to find the root of the problem, not just fix/treat a symptom. I’ve been working with her through video calls and it has worked really well! I would highly recommend working with her either in person or via video call.

- Sarah T.

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Specific dysfunctions I work with:

  • Weakness in abdomen from history beyond one year of c-sections and or hysterectomies
  • Diastasis Recti
  • Weakness in core muscles resulting in neck tension and hip flexor tightness after a core workout
  • Persistent tension in mid and lower back
  • Postural tightness and dysfunction
  • Women who want to increase their activity level and are afraid of getting injured when they work out
  • Women who have bladder leakage with high impact sports



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What's Included?

  • Learn to connect with your body again to reduce pain, engage your core, and improve mobility
  • One-on-one sessions with Melanie for a personalized plan
  • Personalized education to meet your goals
  • A core connection strategy exercise program
    • Strengthen the core, glutes, hips
    • Improve mobility in your spine, hips, and posture
  • A functional movement strategy for daily living
  • Postural assessment and training
  • Printable PDFs for your home exercises
  • Free email access for questions and accountability
  • 50% off additional one-on-one sessions
  • Confidence of knowing you can have freedom of movement and exercise without injuring yourself!
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What to Expect

Here’s what you can expect for the first 60-minute video visit: 

  • Further discussion about your difficulties and goals
  • Posture analysis from the side and front and back
  • Movement analysis — please wear shorts or leggings and a loose shirt and sports bra. I will need to see your belly for some parts.
  • Movement analysis also requires you to be standing, walking, swinging your leg, squatting, planking, lying down, etc. so have enough space to be able to perform these tasks. (Lying on the bed is not necessary — a mat on the floor will work well.)
  • Strength tests for the hips and abdomen will be tested in various positions 
  • Review of what I found are the biggest problem areas and how we can work together to fix them
  • Three exercises to get started on now
  • Follow-up via email within 48 hours: recap and further program to work on toward your goals for the next two weeks until we meet again