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I help women find freedom from pain and gain freedom of movement

Roxanne G.

Melanie made me believe in physical therapy again. I was in a bad boating accident about 8 years ago where the entire right side of my body was impacted (among other medical issues that have come up since this accident). I went to many physical therapists after a ton of surgeries and eventually just gave up because I was in so much pain and nothing was helping me. I was left with a lot of numbness, nerve damage, and never gained the full function of my arm or leg back. I figured this was something I would just have to live with and went along with my life.

I met Melanie very randomly and had no intention of trying PT again. She was so caring and asked me so many questions and suggested for me to come in and let her just check me out which I hesitantly said okay to but didn’t think anything would come of it. BOY WAS I WRONG.

It hasn’t even been 8 weeks and I can see a huge difference and wish I had found her years ago! I already have more function of my arm (which I really thought would never ever happen) and she has even given me exercises to do at home to help me gain strength and flexibility.

She is so caring and extremely knowledgable. She is hands on the whole time I am with her and explains to me what she is doing every step of the way making me feel really comfortable. She also texts me the next day and asks me how I am feeling after our session, if I am sore, etc etc. This is far beyond what she needs to do but just shows how much she really cares.

I highly recommend her to anyone with any sort of injury! She not only can help you but is a joy to be around and I look forward to my PT sessions every week (really, who even says that but it is true!).

-Roxxane G.