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Chantal O.

I can’t thank you enough for that precious hour Melanie spent with me 8 weeks ago… It was honestly- life changing. I had non stop headaches for nearly an entire year… 3-5 weekly and nothing seemed to work.

I spent countless hours searching for an answer through my doctors recommendation I tried massage therapy, the simple remedy of “just stress less” – also from my Doctor, caffeine, oils… And everything else in between… BUT in ONE HOUR she was able to diagnose what seemed like an all too simple solution.

When I put it into practice, it literally changed my daily life. I have had ONE headache in the last EIGHT WEEKS!!! {and I’m pretty sure that one I had was Bc I forgot to eat that day}

THANKYOU!! From the bottom of heart!!

For sharing your expertise with me and spending your hour with me- and effectively changing my (almost) daily headaches,… To nonexistent headaches. It is SUCH a treat to spend my days doing what I LOVE to do, and not having a headache while teaching.

-Chantal  O.