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Whether you are lifting boxes, babies, or barbells be aware of your form.  If your shoulders are aligned in front of or behind your hips, then you are unable to utilize your core efficiently. This applies an unnecessary load on your neck and back leading to early fatigue and pain.  In standing, when a vertical load is applied to the shoulders, the load should be linearly accepted all the way down to the heels. Often times when you aren’t using your core as an efficient postural muscle then the vertical load causes the back to buckle ending in poor weight acceptance through the legs.

If your work or hobby has you consistently in a position of poor posture, then a postural support device may be the extra tool you need. Alignmed is a local company that created postural bras and tops for women and shirts for men which apply the appropriate amount of feedback to keep your trunk and scapula in better postural alignment. Their mission is to provide pain relief through the benefits of postural fitness.

I have referred several patients to them over the years.

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