Remedy PT & Wellness

I help women find freedom from pain and gain freedom of movement

Melanie Connell

My name is Melanie Connell I am a Physical therapist with my own practice in Costa Mesa.

I started my clinic with a mission to provide a remedy for people stuck in the pain cycle to help them move freely.

My own health journey of infertility, hormonal issues, hypothrydoid, and migraines led me to search for holistic practitioners that

  1. Spent time actually listening to my story
  2. Had the ability to problem solve the root cause of my issue
  3. Educated me on the connection of my health to my body.

If there is one thing I preach t to all my patients, it is that “Everything is Connected.”

I have been a Physical Therapist for over 18 years with certifications in manual therapy and nutritional health coaching. I am the author of the ebook, How To Tame Your Sweet Tooth: A Remedy and the creator of the upcoming online course, The Connected Breath.  My mission is to provide a remedy for those stuck in the pain cycle to help them move freely. I launched Remedy Physical Therapy & Wellness in 2018 and is on a mission to provide restoration for those stuck in persistent pain.


You can find her contact info here.